About: Services

I believe in bridging divisions. Innovation lives there.

Thanks to my background and training, I have a unique set of fluencies. I can reveal unexpected connections to work with seemingly unlikely allies, tease out resources and gifts, and make magic (AKA- partnership, publications, programs, money, sometimes even healing) happen.

I Bridge: Public Sector–Private Sector//Conservative–Progressive//Faculty–Staff//Religious–Secular//Pro-Life–Pro-Choice//Business–Social Enterprise//Rural–Urban//Working Class–Wealthy// Dreams & Goals–Actions & Execution// Millenial–Boomer//Wilderness–City//Science–Humanities

Think: interracial, intergenerational, interreligious, inter-esting!

THINGS I DO + MENU OF SERVICES (custom available upon request):


(online & in-person with NGOs, Corporations, Schools, Churches, Publications etc):

Write: op-eds, interviews, scholarly pieces, organizational content/ PR

Teach/Train: classes, workshops, retreats, community development

Deliver: keynotes, quality events/programs

Consult: “brain pickings,” org development & strategic planning, interviews, mentorship, site visits, event planning, program & curriculum review

SO: Interested in any of the above via virtual connection or bringing me to your org? E-mail me! ACN[at]bridgebuilderconsulting.com

**PS: If you’re a church or nonprofit, above pricing options may be flexible**


**See my CV/ Resume for past offerings & content areas: CLICK**
1) “Take 5” 5 articles, resources, orgs of interest, potential speakers, funding options
2) “Take 10” 10 articles, resources, orgs of interest, potential speakers, funding options
1) “Speaker/teacher”: workshops, trainings, & keynotes on request
**See my CV/Resume for past workshops & keynotes: CLICK**
2) “Fly to me- domestic” Fly to our org & work with us
“Fly to me- international” Fly to our org & work with us, International
“Drive to me” Regional, within 4 hours of where I’m already going to be
3) “Rep my org” Can’t (or don’t want to) go to that dinner, talk, conference, or booth? Pay me to rep your org. I can staff a booth, network a dinner, woo a public official, or wear a tshirt as a brand ambassador to make your company look awesome. Rolling fee.
1) “Personal Strategist”  I come spend either a 1 or 2 day retreat with you. I am your personal strategist. I do whatever is needed: strategic planning, brand brainstorming, run an errand, transcribe thoughts, make a plan for moving forward.
2) “Phone Strategy” (ask about nonprofit/ corporate rates)
– “Dream with me” $20 for 20 min.
-“Brain picking”= $60 for 60 min.
-“Accountabili-buddy”= $30 per call/30 min call/ 3 months
-FREE Wildcard Wednesdays= once we’ve talked and you have my number, call anytime 10a-6p central on a Wednesday. If I pick up, you get FREE 20 min free “dream with me” session.
Corporation: $1000/ year
Nonprofit/Church/School: $500/year
Individual: $200/ year
Student: $50/year
What you get:
-Access to other Bridgebuilders AKA contacts with other social justice orgs, figures, makers, and doers
-1 free “dream with me” and 1 free “send me stuff”
-Reputable standard for PR
(It’s like LinkedIn, but for people who care about building bridges and making connections for a more connected, less divided world)
-Semi-regular newsletters & resource shares

HELP ME SAY YESDoes my work speak to you? Consider adding to the “tip jar” so I can continue to consult & write and work for justice, and say YES to new projects: paypal.me/annaczarnikneimeyer